Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Gourd Bug (and spider!)

In my quest to create new and unique gourd creations, I came upon an idea. I've sculpted turtles, frogs, cats, and dragons...

But what about bugs?!

Enter the creepiest of crawlies (that are also awesome), the gourd bug! Here you'll find every gourd beetle, spider, butterfly, moth, and other interesting creepy crawly I've ever made. Every sculpture is 100% handmade from gourds. I use one or two gourds to create each one and use wire and various clays to sculpt their features. I make them realistic and specifies specific for accuracy.

So how do they start?

Beetles begin with a gourd base. Here one is assembled and wire is attached for legs. Then it is sculpted and lastly painted. Spiders are formed the same way.

Butterflies and moths are cut and carved gourd shells. Each one is individually cut and sized appropriately. No two are alike, and care has been taken to get each one just right!

 Here the butterflies and moths are assembled and their bodies sculpted. They await painting.

If you want a gourd bug of your own, email me with what you'd like. You can also visit my Square Online Store (click the button on the top right). Thank you!

A realistic, gourd sculpted Hercules Beetle.

A wall hanging "Skulltula" gourd spider sculpture.

A realistic Monarch Butterfly made from cut and carved gourd shells.

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